We are pleased to welcome you to our esteemed workshop on deep learning in music and audio processing. This convention assembles eminent scholars from across the globe to deliberate on the latest breakthroughs in the realm of music AI and computational audio processing.

The focal point of our workshop will be a sequence of lectures delivered by seasoned researchers, who will disseminate their knowledge and insights on pioneering subjects such as music self-supervised learning, audio processing, AIGC, among others. We firmly believe this event presents an unparalleled opportunity for all attendees, including students, researchers, and developers, to comprehend the most recent trends and developments in this thrilling domain.

Besides the lectures, our program also includes a discussion segment among the seasoned researchers, where they will exchange viewpoints and engage in a robust debate on the future of deep learning in music and audio processing. We are confident that this conversation will be a standout feature of the workshop, offering invaluable insights to all participants.

In summary, we eagerly anticipate hosting this workshop and look forward to convening experts from around the world to share their expertise and insights. We trust that this event will stimulate new ideas and collaborations, and we urge all attendees to actively participate and engage with our distinguished speakers.



Jie FU
Yike GUO

Supporting Team

Ge ZHANG, Ruibin YUAN, Yizhi LI, Yinghao MA, Jiahao PAN, Wanyu CHENG, Yiwen LU